Thursday, November 13, 2008

Straight Out of a Movie

So you are running along, you got a good groove and perhaps you are thinking about what to make for dinner or what errands you will complete later.  Maybe you are focused on the pace or what you might name some future unborn child - who knows but I'll bet EVERYONE has daydreamed some big scene, like a movie where you are finishing first in the Olympics or running through jungles from drug lords or maybe your "movie scene" is a romantic connection with the  love of your life who follows you across country.....whatever it is, you KNOW you all do it!  What else are you going to think about running those long distances??  One can only complete mental checklists for so long.

These leads me to consider what the soundtrack would be for my movie scene.  When I make up these crazy images in my head during my runs, it usually depends on the song that is on my iPod or what topics are on my mind in that moment.  Sometimes I have just seen a movie that I liked or maybe my husband is away (as is often is) and I have some ridiculous scene where he shows up at my office with plane tickets to Hawaii and a grandma to watch the kids.   But if I had to pick one song for my soundtrack what would it be?? 

The obvious choice is something by U2 or Coldplay as they are my favourites but they aren't quite as "energetic" as I need in my movie scenes (obviously the romantic daydreams are less frequent :) )  So after careful consideration I have come up a totally insane song that I have determined will be the soundtrack to the video I am making about my experience in Disney with the Joints in Motion.   Some of you might be surprised as it is not very mainstream and not very girly but the mind wants what it wants!

The song is Shipping up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys.  I know, I had never heard of them either but my husbands friend is a huge fan and he introduced me to best "power song" music ever! 

First, admit that you do this and then I would love to know what your songs are...I am very interested plus it will help me build up my iPod before getting into the super long distances :)


Melanie said...

hmmm, never thought about that, but an interesting post! I'll have to give it some thought!!

Legs and Wings said...

I couldn't begin to list tunes. I suppose if you like the Murphys...try "Enter the Haggis" out of Toronto. You can download 4 free songs - excellent!

joyRuN said...

My tunes are embarrassingly outdated! I'd been making it a point not to listen to my iPod so much when running, so now I really have to be struggling to pull it out.

Thanks for coming by :)

*aron* said...

my best long runs are when i cant remember anything i was thinking about during it :) completely zoned out.

i am lacking a power song right now :( i have gone through many but they got old after too many plays. i need to find a new one quick!

Marlene said...

Yes, I totally do that. LOL!

Don't have speakers @ work but I'll check out the song later. I'm always looking for a new power song.

Danica said...

I listen to the craziest rap songs ever, and they get me so pumped up, but I also like some random jams too. I really like the brandy song that I just posted about, and I like Shake it by metro station and World hold on, but I forget who that's by. It's so my JAM. :)

PS. I have a nike+ too, and I'm obsessed. No garmin for me, but I love that commerical.. So random!

Runner Leana said...

I don't listen to music while running outside but I just passed this list of suggestions on to my coach for spin classes:
- Rihanna - Breaking Dishes
- Scandal - The Warrior
- Kool and the Gang - Get Down On It
- Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
- Craig David - Hot Stuff (Let's Dance) [Dave Audé Radio]
- The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go or That's Not My Name
- Metro Station - Shake It
- Bob Sinclar - Rock This Party (Featuring Dollar Man & Big Ali) [Radio Edit] or World Hold On as Danica recommended

ECrunnergirl said...

I enjoyed this post! I have had many "movie scenes" play out in my head on long runs especially when certain songs pop up on my ipod.....the song you posted is GREAT! Especially since I am trying to qualify for "Boston" :-> Think I will see if I can download it!!

Marci said...

You have a vivid imagination. I think about what I'm going to eat while out there. Glad that you are getting pumped!!

Marci said...
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RunnerMom said...

That song sure is, um ... interesting! My songs sound kind of wimpy next to it!

I still love Saul Williams Reparations, Going the Distance by Cake, most anything by Outkast, Def Leppard... I recently heard the new Will.I.Am. version of "I Like to Move It" for Madagascar 2, and I will definitely add it.