Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I am a Canadian and therefore cannot vote in today's election.  However, most Canadian's would agree that we have a strong interest in who leads our southern neighbour.  After all this coverage of the past year, I would say running in an election is far more exhausting than running a marathon.
 I have watched a fair amount of coverage and have changed my opinion several times.  There are positives and negatives about both parties and men and it is difficult to say what is best for the country.  As a woman, I admire Sarah P. not only for stepping up but for taking a significant beating by the public and media and still holding strong. However, I am not sure she is ready to take over the country if need be.  I think Obama has some excellent ideas and may be just what is needed but he always seems like there are other motives. However, I don't get a say so I hope the voting public gets what they want!

Good luck to all my American blog friends with today's election and may the best man (whose initials might be B.O.) win!  


Nicole said...

I am so glad Obama won.
I lived and worked in Hyde Park (Obama's neighborhood) for 5 years. When I first moved there before he was a senator - he used to come around the hood and talk to people and really try to help. I really think he is sincere and really just wants the best for the states and the world. Maybe I look at things through rose colored glasses, but I really think he is honest about what he wants to do.

Legs and Wings said...

Hi there, discovered your blog at the Runner's Lounge (where I am also new). I'm in Nova Scotia...currently training for a spring marathon. Keep in touch...and good luck with your running.



Runnergirl said...

I am so non political, but I do think Obama will be a good president.

Thanks for your encouraging comments.