Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Months To Go

Tomorrow is it officially two months until my marathon in Disney.  While I have not fully recovered from my PF injury - I am sucking it up and moving on.  I have a great coach with the Joints in Motion team and he has been really thorough on helping me get back to it.  

I don't normally summarize my training plan for the week (usually out of shame) but here it is:

Monday - 5km
Tuesday - running rest but doing Body Attack class at work (learning to instruct)
Wednesday - 8km (this is also tennis night but I think I may cancel for this week because hubby is away and getting a sitter is impossible)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 4-5 km
Saturday - 6km
Sunday 12km (followed by my traditional Sunday spree at the bulk barn where I endulge on very healthy and nutritious items - that happened to be dipped in chocolate.  Come know you do it to). 

I know I should be much higher on Sunday but as this is my first full week back to running post injury, we thought keeping it lower would be best.  Next week I make a bigger jump and the week after that (provided all is well) we are back on schedule.  I was originally planning for 4:30 but now I just want to finish.  Besides, the trip is already hit our VISA and the kids told Nana they wanted "Mickey Money" for Christmas.  NO turning back now!

On the upside, I have raised $6,300 for the Arthritis Society so far.  It is a little lower than the $10,000 we had dreamed of but higher than my original goal of $4,000.  Do you think if I don't finish, people will want a matching percentage of their money back?? :)


Melanie said...

the next 2 months will go by fast! glad to hear you're back out running though. Keeping my fingers crossed for continued recovery for you! :D

Marci said...

You have lots of time. Lets get together for a run when you get back to it. (BTW the chem book is for the Board, its a distance ed book, I also write them for TVO - not too exciting, but it buys me lots of race entries!)

Anonymous said...

take it easy and don't over do it. You will race well!

Marlene said...

Good idea to ease your distance back up. You still have time, so take it easy!

Good luck on your 12K.

Mmmm, Bulk Barn!!!

*aron* said...

WOOOO 2 months!! you will be ready!

wow you have raised A LOT of money!! that is something to be so proud of... congrats!

Janice said...

Oh Two months.... that is so exciting. Good luck with all the training.

RoadBunner said...

I hope your injury heals up quickly. I am so jealous you're doing Disney! I love Disney races.

Kim said...

Glad you're back and doing well! 2 months will be here before you know it. So So fun!

Runner Leana said...

Great job on your fundraising! Coming back slow and steady sounds like a great plan. Fingers crossed that your PF stays away!