Saturday, November 8, 2008

10 Things About Me

Here we go...10 things about me...

1. I am obsessed with French culture and history. I read cookbooks, study maps, read novels set in France and so on. I took French history classes in University as my electives - not because I had to.  If anyone is equally obsessed with the history of France, I recommend one of my favourite series of books - The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B by Sandra Gulland.  It is actually the title of the first book in a series of three (I read them so fast that I considered them all one book).  I can't recommend it enough.  Even for none French history buffs. 

2. I love photography.  Not just photography but photographs in particular.  I would rather have pictures than art on the walls and I have no bias toward any kinds of pictures.  Some of my favourites are food photography, the outdoors, children but really - I like it all. If I had oodles of free time and financial resources, I would study photography myself because in realty I don't actually have very good skills but I like to think I do!

3. I met my husband when we were 12.  We went to high school together but went to separate universities. Flash forward 15 years and we got married!  Next year we celebrate 10 wonderful years.

4. Despite being married for almost four years and being close to 30 years old, our first child was a "surprise"!  Without stepping into TMI territory, I had been training for 1/2 marathons and was in the middle of training for my first full which I was told can sometimes mess with mother nature.   VOILA!  Turns out to be accurate!  Although shocked is putting it mildly, we were very blessed to have a baby boy and couldn't imagine life without him or his sister. 

5. I can say the alphabet backwards - really fast.  Its a gift.

6. I love to play most sports - especially soccer, tennis and volleyball. But I am terrified to play only one - baseball.  That's right, the super dangerous, anxiety filled, extreme sport called BASEBALL.  Here is my logic: someone whips a very hard ball at you, you hit it, then someone tries to throw that same hard ball at the same place you are running to.  Does ANYONE see the danger there?? 

7. I have a great job.  I promote Corporate Wellness for Goodlife Fitness so I meet with companies who want to partner with us to improve the wellness culture in their workplace.  I spend all day talking about healthy living, I am encouraged to work out and get involved in the community.  It doesn't get much better than that!

8. I have freakishly small ears.  So small that I have to by children's headphones because normal ear buds don't fit.  For races, I try to wear the full headband earbuds.  Sounds charming doesn't it?? I also only hear in one ear as a result of a girls night in university that went slightly awry..that's another story that is less than flattering. :)

9. I am a little addicted to cookbooks.  That is not to say that I cook often but there it is.  I especially like cookbooks with really great pictures (no surprise).  Some of my favourites are Supernatural Cooking by Heidi Swanson.  She also has a fabulous website called 101 Cookbooks. I believe she is also a professional food photographer.  My other favourite is Country Cooking of France by Anne Willen which has fantastic pictures. Anyone else seeing the trend? Umm.. 

10. I am fantasy Olympian.  Somewhere is my head, I was supposed to be some sort of professional athlete but sadly, I never caught on until it was too late!  Yet another reason to love running - it is a chance to be a "professional athlete"  at least in my family!

I hope to see a few more of these but I am not up on the "tagging" etiquette!


Runnergirl said...

Thanks for sharing. I am impressed with the alphabet thing! I took French in college, pretty language. I would love to go to France someday! Do you always cook gourmet food? That is a talent I DO NOT have! : )

Run Mommy said...

Definately not...I just like to think that I might :)

I Run for Fun said...

Hi, I wandered over from Runners Lounge.

Fun facts! Your job is so cool.

Fantasy Olympian! Aahh...I am too!

*aron* said...

great post :) i love reading random facts about bloggers!!!

Janice said...

Your blog is definately one of my favorites to read. You are so fun.

I am totally affraid of baseball. I played 2nd base for city league Softball (co-ed and womens) and I got nailes a couple of times. I too am an Olympian at heart. I like to imagine what it would have been like if I had taken running more serious in HS and where it might have taken me.

RunnerMom said...

That was fun to read! A few thoughts:
1. I totally see the HORROR in baseball. Softballs aren't soft, either. I don't want anything lobbed at any part of my person at any time.
2. I am absolutely jealous of your job. I'd love to hear more about that sometime.
3. I have a hard time with earbuds fitting inside my ears, too. And the story from university sounds intriguing.

Bert said...

Really interesting. I used to do a LOT of French cooking until I became a vegan about 18 months ago. Even made my own puff pastry for a while there... My wife thought it was nuts to spend so much time on that. But boy was it good! Your job sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you! Disney would be such a fun marathon! Someday I'll be there too!

workout mommy said...

I stumbled over here somehow, what a fun list!

and how sweet that you have known your hubby for so long!