Friday, October 17, 2008

Run for the Goodlife

This weekend is the Goodlife Marathon and I am getting very excited but at the same time I am a bit bummed out. I work in the corporate office for Goodlife so I wanted to be part of a team. I am doing the relay in a group of eight runners so I am only doing 5km. In a strange way, it feels like I am cheating...isn't that strange? For lots of people (myself included just a short while ago), 5km is a really far distance to run but even after just a few months of running regularly, 5km feels like a quick warm up. This is especially true now while I am training for the full marathon and should be doing 20km on Sunday and not 5km. I suppose I could have done the 1/2 marathon but then to whom would I "pass the baton" to? What would I do while all my Goodlife colleagues are doing a group hug or team cheer?
However, the part I am really excited about is that some of the team members have never done a race before and are really nervous. I can't wait to hear from them after they have had the full race experience like getting your number, waiting for the mass start, seeing all the signs and cheering for people that are mostly strangers. And of course the total thrill at the end of the race when everyone compares notes on where the toughest hill was and what mile marker they crashed on. I wonder if this is what addicts feel like when they attract a few more junkies into the crack house?
Aside from my dereliction from the training schedule, I do love a good race - even if I am cheating!


Melanie said...

Good luck Sunday, and I don't think it's cheating.. i think it will be a great experience, and your team will appreciate you being there with them. :) Have fun!

COTY said...

Have fun !

Runnergirl said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'm excited to read about it! Have fun!