Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reese's Run The Grand Finale!

Hello all!

I am afraid this has been a CRAZY month and my blogging has really fallen aside. I miss reading all the posts and talking to others about running, parenting etc.. I continue to be amazed by all the accomplishments that people have acheived!

In my running world, I am planning to run the Ottawa Marathon in May, my first trail run in June and the Goodlife Toronto Marathon in October. Of course Marci and I plan to participate with the Joints in Motion late this year! I remain focused on the 1/2 marathon but will likely consider the full marathon for the JIM event. I was asked to participate in an event at my son's school to talk to the kids about running which was a great experience. I am still addicted to my Garmin although I may need to take a class in it. :)

On that note, I wanted to remind everyone of Reese's Run this Friday! Marci and I are very excited and we have lots of great prizes such as a pair of running shoes from Online Shoes, gift certificates for restaurants, books etc.. I have already received a few emails from people who have already done their 4 miles or 4km or whatever they chose to do. I am overjoyed by the response so far so I hope all you will participate! As an update, Reese is my 3 year old daughter and she suffers from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her treatments are ongoing and her prognosis is unknown but we have found a way make ourselves feel like we are doing SOMETHING to improve her life. Marci has been generous enough come on board to support the Arthritis Society as well and we are very excited about it!

Click on the banner below (or click here) to be linked to the donation page for the Arthritis Society. Then after your event, send an email to me or Marci (I am and hopefully you will be a winner!

On Monday, we will post the winners! On that note, Monday will be my last post on the blog. I have enjoyed this process quite a bit and I will miss reading about all of you and posting my thoughts. However, life is busy, busy, busy and occassionally we have to prioritize!

Marci and I appreciate all of the support everyone has given so far to Reese's Run and good luck!



Kita said...

I am going to miss reading your blog. I understand setting your priorities. Good luck to you.

lindsay said...

you will be missed! hopefully you won't be giving it up forever and can keep us updated from time to time. i definitely understand the time-consumption and having tons of other things to do. best wishes with everything, now you need to make sure marci gives a blurb about you every now and then. :)

Rookie on the Run said...

It's great to catch up on what's going on with you lately! I will miss reading your blog but I totally understand.

Is it OK if I ride four miles on the stationary bike instead of running? I'm trying to rest my knee from walking/running until Saturday.

Have a wonderful day!

RunningLaur said...

So sad that you'll be leaving the blog, but best of luck with your running, racing, and motherhood.

I'll be doing my reese's run tomorrow, and will send you my time!

Marlene said...

I'll miss your posts. Hopefully you'll keep us updated now and then - I'd love to hear about the exciting events coming up for you this year!

Melanie said...

yep, you'll be missed for sure! Hopefully Marci will be able to keep us updated on Reese's progress and how your training is going! Will update with my run info tomorrow :)

aron said...

:( you will be missed!!! sounds like you will have an amazing year coming up though :) good luck with everything!!

MCM Mama said...

You'll be missed! I'll email you, but I did my four miles in 35:43.

Runner Leana said...

Oh no, I'm going to miss hearing about your upcoming running adventures, especially to far flung reaches of the earth!

Happy birthday to Reese!