Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tale of the Trail and V for Veg

I am a terrible blogger as of late...we are moving out of our house in 10 days, moving into my sister's house for 7 weeks and then moving into our new house in early September. My son has finished school and my daugher is entering the "I'm 4 years old and I can anything!" phase. Summer and its crazy schedule is upon us and time is just slipping away from me!

That said, I have two topics for today.. The first is my debut to trail running - I LOVED it! it was fantastic and I will absolutely do it again. I was very nervous about things like the etiquette during the narrows and how to maneuver through uneven terrin and as it turns out - these were reasonable things to be nervous about! However, it was great and I STRONGLY recommend to any runners - particularly if you are feeling a little blah about your running. The event has a real "ECO" vibe to it, right down to the earth friendly music at the finish! As expected, my friend totally kicked my butt but hats off to her - she is a short distance machine. She loved it as much as I did so we will do another.

Secondly, I am going to add a cooking and nutrition element to the blog so I need some help! I need some good examples of fruits and vegetables that are maybe not exactly mainstream. Everyone is familiar with the standard things we see but I want to open up the mind a little and find some that are less popular. I want to set up my articles from A-Z so try to think alphabetically with your ideas! Lastly, I want to find ways to use these fruits and veggies in a family friendly way so if you have any tips/recipes/ideas or links that you can suggest, pass it along in the comments on in my email -


p.s. For anyone that follows it - Dementieva is beating Serena Williams in Wimbledon right now.. not by much but it is shocking nonetheless. Match Point for Dementieva---oops back to Deuce..